Welcome To Carnival Raas Jalsa

Navratri, a nine day long dance festival in honor of the Goddess Durga/ Shakti is celebrated with great fondness and devotion all over India.

Raas Jalsa presented by carnival media interpreted as 'nine nights festival' (Navratri) symbolizing purity and power or 'shakti'. Navratri in india is celebrated with chanting of mantras and renditions of bhajans and folk songs usually accompany the puja rituals for nine consecutive days of Navratri. Defining both the religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations are seeped in traditional music and dance named 'Garba' or 'dandiya raas'.

Raas jalsa been grand festival brings together the spectators from the various community across the metro. Its a festival with a unique fusion of traditional garba and bollywood sentational style dandiya. Raas jalsa will pamper you this navratri with the enormous celebration by well known artists. "Raas Jalsa 2014" promising the fabulous breath taking experience, glad in announcing the association of Bhoomi Trivedi, Osman Mir and Carnival Group for the celebration of 'Navratri'.